mPOR-Plate electrodes (mPOR-PL-A-W-t-S/C) are reusable electroporation applicators. They are not intended for general use, but only for use in research laboratories. An electrode set consists of a cable with connectors, a plastic handle and two parallel stainless steel plate electrodes. The length of the stainless steel electrodes is 20 mm, while the distance between the electrodes, width, thickness and cutout are product specific. The high-voltage cable is 150 cm long and has two inline Ø 4 mm MULTILAM plugs with a solid insulating sheath, which are plugged into the electroporator. The conductive part of the electrodes consists of two stainless steel plates that are brought into contact with the load (i.e., cells or tissue). The electrodes are designed for FOR VOLTAGES UP TO 1000 V CAT II / 600 V, CAT III.

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